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Outdoor Kitchen And Dock Remodel

Your exterior living space enlarges your home and lets you cook, eat and entertain. The most effective outside kitchens are as practical as a family room and as amusing as welcoming as an indoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is as easy as a grill, seats, and table, or as complex as a completely outfitted kitchen complete with built in seats and appliances. Although a clear-cut and uncomplicated outside kitchen could be put in place by a homeowner, designing a strong and generous outside kitchen is left to a professional. With a lot of various kinds of outside kitchens, designing might require permitting in the city.

Brick Paver Patio to new dock

We are working on a new patio and dock remodel to connect the outside spaces with the house. We are installing an outdoor kitchen to help link the two environments and improve our entertaining ability. We spoke to our kitchen remodeling contractor friends and got this list of things to consider for building an outside kitchen:

1. Begin in the bottom upward
Be aware of the total weight of the appliances you’re installing in addition to distinct weather climates that could appear. Flooring like marble or tile is going to be slippery and sleek when wet and might not be good for exterior use. Suitable flooring won’t only finish the total appearance, but adds worth and durability to the end product. Will there be little kids running around? Old guests, who want surfaces that are smooth? The flooring of your outdoor kitchen just isn’t an element. Keep in mind safety, When developing a project of the scale. Often the outside kitchen can be found near wet surfaces like spa tubs and swimming pools.

2. Where to locate the kitchen
Depends upon several variables, where you choose to put your outside kitchen. Primarily, you will need to ensure that smoke in the grill does not waft back into the house. Second, in the event you do not need to travel a long distance to the outside, consider putting your outdoor grill comparatively near the entry to the house kitchen. Keep in mind that entertaining and outside cooking often means taking heavy platters from one spot to another. Thirdly, if you would like to keep the perspective you now have from within your house, so the view is not blocked, you will need to set the outdoor kitchen sideways or at an angle. Lastly, look at the general traffic flow of your yard. Just as an indoor kitchen, the outside kitchen is filled with dangers so set it out of the way of the main traffic pattern.

Outdoor Kitchen with Umbrella and pavers3. The kitchen size will be determined by your appliances
A homeowner might have special needs at heart, and may need use several cooking and refrigeration appliances. Contemplate the way they are going to work with each other, as well as how all of the appliances will fit inside the style plan. Leave enough space on both sides of the grill to use for tools and platters, and do not put appliances too close together. Consider having working surfaces at various counter heights that can allow for distinct functions.

4. Have some storage
The cabinets all must be durable and watertight. Keep in mind just how much storage you’ll need for your exterior kitchen. You don’t want to be always carrying tools, platters, and fuel in and out of the house – especially if the exterior kitchen is a distance from the interior one.

5. Select appliances that are dependable
Many outside kitchens add a grill (both gasoline or charcoal), a sink, as well as a tiny fridge. Some kitchens contain specialization appliances just like hibachi grills, smokers, a beer tap and warming drawers. Buy appliances that can make it through sunshine and rain. Ceramic appliances or stainless steel function great for many weather conditions are extremely long-lasting and require low maintenance. Expert suggestion: Gas powered grills are a favorite feature in the outside kitchen. In the event you would like a plumbed gas line for the gas grill, file a permit with the city and employ a licensed professional.

6. Add a little ambiance
Your outside kitchen functions as a place to take pleasure from eating and cooking food. Tables, seats, and ornamental items can finish the appearance, as will night lighting. In regards to furniture, pick pieces that are long-lasting with cozy outside pillows. Seats that pile might help in regards time to winterizing the patio and save space.

7. Bring safety, and indoor comfort, outside
Weather could be a huge problem in regards to outside amusement. A roof on your outside kitchen allows one to enjoy cooking outside in extreme heat or the rain. It’s possible for you to include different types of shelter such as just providing patio umbrellas for coverage, or having a metal roof. Places that are hot may prefer mist sprays or an overhead fan. Chillier areas may need a fire pit, heat lamps or hearth to warm the region up. For regions with mosquitos or pesky bugs, contemplate adding netting across the dining area or a mosquito apparatus that is mechanical. Outdoor lighting can not only expand your time outside; but it also provides security for grilling places and walks, stairways.

There you have it. It is a good list to start your kitchen remodel for your exterior entertainment area. And a great outdoor kitchen will make enjoying the shoreline all them more fun!

Why You Need A Specialized Marine Remodeling Contractor

Buying a piece of waterfront property often feels like a victory. You’re ready for the good life at the water’s edge! That feeling lasts right up until you discover that the dock is rotting away, the boathouse is infested with termites, and the back yard is about to slip out to sea. When you need to perform marine remodeling work, your best bet is always to seek out a contractor who specializes in this kind of construction.


Where Ordinary Remodelers Fall Short

In the eyes of many contractors, all remodeling jobs are more or less equal. This is simply not the case when it comes to marine remodeling work! General contractors who do not specialize in performing marine work are simply not equipped — regarding either skills or gear — to handle most marine jobs properly. A large number of marine remodeling tasks require consummate building skill both on land and on the water, and this is simply not within the reach of an unspecialized contractor.

As noted above, equipment is a critical factor in performing marine remodeling work properly. A wide range of marine projects (especially docks and boathouses) need to be completed from the water. This means your contractor will need to have specialized vessels at his disposal as well as the tools necessary to work with them. While some landside aspects of marine remodeling can be completed by an ordinary contractor, there’s simply no way to make up for a lack of floating equipment.

Overcoming Regulatory Hurdles

Another important aspect you need to consider when you’re contemplating marine remodeling work is the tangled web of specialized rules, regulations, and building codes that govern waterfront structures. Making repairs or building new structures virtually always requires permits, and in environmentally-sensitive areas there may even be federal regulations to consider.

Fortunately, an experienced marine contractor is intimately familiar with all of the regulations that apply in your region. He can guide you through the entire permitting process to ensure that your work is performed in a compliant fashion. Plus, marine contractors maintain any specialized licenses needed in your jurisdiction to handle marine work. This saves you the expense of having a non-specialist contractor achieve any certifications required to perform your marine work.

Taking Advantage Of Professional Expertise

The final advantage that marine contractors have to offer you is one of the most important if you’ve never owned waterfront property before. Any local marine contractor worth his salt knows all the idiosyncrasies of your coastline. He can guide you towards the specific features your property needs to take advantage of your waterfront properly.

Of course, a marine remodeling contractor needs to be vetted like any other service professional. Check a contracting company’s credentials thoroughly before hiring them for marine work. This includes reviewing their licenses, their insurance, and any applicable professional groups they belong to. You should also look for past clients who can speak to the quality of a given contractor’s work.

Hopefully, this article has helped you see how invaluable a marine remodeling contractor can be when you want (or need!) to spruce up your waterside features. A piece of property on the water is a terrific asset, full of potential. Why not make sure you’re getting the most out of it by letting an experienced contractor take care of your marine construction needs?